Photonic Sintering

Printed Electronic CircuitsToday, printed electronic circuits on flexible, heat-sensitive materials are in the laboratory. Soon, they will be a commercialized industry driving new and nearly limitless markets. Xenon Blu-ray Dischas been here before. We've helped
entire industries move photonic curing from the lab to the production line. In the last few years alone, Xenon has brought Solar panelsphotonic curing to the production of Blu-ray Disc™, to the development and testing of solar panels, and to food processing plants for adding Vitamin Adding Vitamin D to mushroomsD to mushrooms (our photonic lamps, it turns out, replicate sunlight)

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Now, Xenon is helping to develop and commercialize photonic sintering for printed electronics. For researching heat-sensitive curing of copper and silver inks in the laboratory, Xenon's Sinteron systems start at just over $20,000, a fraction of what competitors charge. If you're moving to the production line, our engineering team will put its
unequalled real-world Sinteron 500experience to work for you.
We invite you to visit our labs and try our Sinteron systems on your project!

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