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X-1100 High-Intensity Pulsed Light System

The X-1100 arrives ready-to-pulse and plugs into a standard 115v or 220v outlet. 

X-1100 Features

  • The lowest cost programmable Pulsed Light system on the market
  • Benchtop design with small footprint
  • Connects to standard mains voltage
  • A high-intensity light, delivering up to 9 Joules/cm2 radiant energy/pulse
  • Sets up in minutes,
  • Easy-to-follow graphical user interface (GUI)

A family of lamp housings, sample chambers and a linear stage are available to assist the researcher in using the X-1100 to investigate Pulsed Light.

The XENON X-1100 is the only low-cost benchtop Pulsed Light system that enables researchers to more easily characterize new processes using XENON’s proven technology.

Researchers and scientists at R&D laboratories around the world have a new tool to experiment with high-intensity Pulsed Light. This ability to deliver high-peak optical power in fractions of a second is an enabler for new innovation in a diverse range of technologies, markets and research areas.

The X-1100 is a low-cost benchtop research tool that boasts powerful performance and functionality, yet is easy to use. Applications that require intense light, such as photonic curing, sterilization and sintering can benefit from the broadband photonic source offered by the X-1100. This compact system allows users to experiment with Pulsed Light in small area applications with the confidence in reusing the configuration data in defining larger scale or production systems offered by XENON.

The X-1100 delivers light with a broad continuous spectrum which includes deep ultraviolet, visible and far infrared making it an ideal tool for challenging photonic applications where either high photon energies in the UV region or broad solar-like light is required. The X-1100 generates high-intensity Pulsed Light which is precisely controlled. The system allows adjustment of the pulse peak radiant power and the duration. The system can calculate the theoretical energy set by the user and also measure the actual pulse using a built-in oscilloscope. Sequences of pulses with varying on and off times can also be created to enable more complex energy delivery schemes. Storing and retrieving these recipes, user access control and event logging are standard features of the X-1100.

What could you do with high-energy Pulsed Light?

Configuring pulse profiles and sequencing is done on a single screen. 

Lamp operating parameters (voltage, current, and energy) are displayed to confirm consistent pulse performance.

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