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The S-2210 High-Energy Pulsed Light System

The S-2210 can be configured to work with a variety of XENON lamp housings.

S-2210 Features

  • Max Pulse Energy Output: 18kJ
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Wide Pulse Duration: 100-5000μs
  • Wide Treatment Area Lamp Housing Option
    150 x 150 mm – model LH-150
  • Uniformity 3%

S-2210 Applications

  • Semiconductor Wafer Treatment
  • Printed Electronics Sintering
  • Rapid Annealing

The S-2210 Pulsed Light system is designed to treat wide areas with high intensity Pulsed Light for applications requiring high uniformity. The system is compact making it practical for scaling for larger areas or higher throughput by the integration of multiple racks. Pulsed Light photonic curing, at ambient temperature, offers a significant increase in processing speed not possible when using traditional oven thermal curing.

The operator touch screen allows quick programming 1 to 40 individual pulse energies, enabling processing a range of nano-inks and pastes on heat sensitive substrates as well as photovoltaic thin films. Once pulse profiles are selected, the user can configure unique pulse sequences. Over 100 pulse profiles and unique pulse sequences can be stored and recalled at any time.

The S-2210 is ordered with a XENON high-energy Pulsed Light lamp mounted in an enclosed housing providing a broadband spectrum from 190 to 1100 nanometers. Lamps are available with different spectral cutoffs and are interchangeable among systems, so profiles can be transferred easily for use in full-scale production.


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