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S-5100 Wide-Width Sintering System

The XENON S-5100 is the industry’s first wide-width roll-to-roll sintering solution for printed electronics production applications. With four XENON lamps mounted sequentially, the system can be used to sinter copper or silver inks over an area up to 50 inches wide (1.27 meters), at speeds of 20 feet per minute (6.1 meters/min) upgradeable to higher speeds.

S-5000 Roll-to-Roll Sintering System

The XENON S-5000 is a customizable multi-lamp, Pulsed Light system ideal for Roll-to-Roll (R2R) applications. Ten independently-controlled 16" lamps enable throughputs up to 70 feet-per-minute. The lamps are controlled via an industrial touch-screen computer that uses a patent-pending algorithm to automatically synchronize the lamp flashes with the moving sample; this allows flexibility in defining the number of flashes per area and the degree of overlap between the pulses.

S-2300 Dual-Stage Sintering System

The XENON S-2300 is a breakthrough in materials research, providing unprecedented control of high-energy Pulsed Light for the most challenging curing, annealing, and sintering applications, including printed electronics, biosensors, displays, semiconductor films, and other developing research areas.

S-2210 High Energy Pulsed Light System

The S-2210 pulsed light system is designed to treat wide areas with high intensity pulsed light for applications requiring high uniformity. The system is compact making it practical for scaling for larger areas or higher throughput by the integration of multiple racks. Pulsed light photonic curing, at ambient temperature, offers a significant increase in processing speed not possible when using traditional oven thermal curing.

S-2200 High-Energy Sintering System

The XENON S-2200 is a high-energy Pulsed Light system designed for the development of effective process protocols for a wide range of industrial applications, such as printed electronics, displays, biosensors, semiconductor thin films, and even emerging 3D printing systems.

S-2100 Rack-Mounted Sintering System

The S-2100 is a rack-mounted, high-energy, Pulsed Light system designed for reliable, repeatable sintering of conductive nanoparticles on heat-sensitive materials for printed electronics. The S-2010 offers the flexibility to adjust both the energy delivered to the flashlamp and the pulse width. The pulse width can be adjusted to four different preset values. The energy to the flashlamp can be controlled by setting the voltage on the system. This exceptional flexibility makes evaluating and deploying easy.

S-1000 Benchtop Sintering System

The S-1000 is XENON’s benchtop R&D system for printed electronics sintering that offers high-energy Pulsed Light to quickly heat and fuse conductive metallic ink flakes and nano inks at room temperature without significantly heating the substrate or adjacent thermally sensitive components. System has adjustable exposure intensity ranging from 290-830 joules with three exposure area options and consists of a table top controller, separate lamp housing, UV Sintering chamber and lamp housing air cooling.
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