Sinteron 2010: Continuously Adjustable Pulse Width Capability Lifts XENON Corporation’s Newest Sintering System into The Next Generation


Wilmington MA—XENON Corporation is proving once again that being the leader in the field of printed electronics sintering is simply not enough. With the release of the Sinteron 2010, XENON is delivering even greater flexibility for sintering conductive Cu and Ag metallic inks, curing thin-film substrates and for solar and surface modifications. Whereas the last generation—Sinteron 2000—featured four preset values for the pulse widths, the Sinteron 2010 allows for digitally programmable pulse widths. The ability to dial up just about any desired width makes the Sinteron 2010 extremely flexible and valuable to process development.

A number of attractive features are designed into this 19 inch rack-based stand-alone system.The pulse amplitude can be adjusted like the Sinteron 2000. The pulse width for the Sinteron 2010 is adjustable in increments of 5µs in the range of 100µs to 2,000µs. By having total control of the pulse amplitude and pulse width, the optical energy delivered by the system can be precisely controlled. As the pulse profile is very linear at maximum amplitude a relationship of 1000J/ms can be assumed. The Sinteron 2010 allows connection for either Spiral or Linear Lamp housings. These can provide optical footprints of 19mm x 305mm (0.75 inches x 12 inches) or 127mm (5 inches) diameter areas. As XENON Corporation manufactures Lamps and Lamp Housings, other optical profiles are readily available.

The introduction of Sinteron 2010 is welcome news for those involved in photonic sintering of conductive inks for printed electronics in areas such as displays, smart cards, RFID and solar applications. The non-contact low thermal characteristics for this process makes it suitable for web-based printing techniques such as inkjet, flexography, gravure, and screenprint.

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