XENON Demos Large Scale R2R PE Sintering System at PE USA Show in November


Wilmington, MA, November 13, 2013—XENON Corporation, the world leader in pulsed light technology, announced it will feature live demonstrations of the world’s first large scale R2R pulsed light sintering system at this year’s Printed Electronics USA trade show in Santa Clara, California, which begins November 20. “Roll to roll sintering is essential for current and potential PE applications, and we have achieved this milestone with the SINTERON™ 5000 system,” said Lou Panico, CEO of XENON. “This is the culmination of XENON’s 50 years of experience in pulsed light technology.”

The SINTERON 5000, introduced last year, is now operational in manufacturing lines and producing commercial products, including the high-volume manufacture of RFID tags. The system uses XENON's patented technology to deliver high-energy bursts of pulsed light for sintering silver nano inks on the production line at up to 100 feet per minute.

At the show, the SINTERON 5000 will sinter functioning circuits on flexible substrates at high speed. Visitors to PE USA will be able to take away a working sample actually printed on the system. Panico said the demonstrations will take place at regularly scheduled times throughout the show.

In addition, XENON will also be showing the SINTERON 2010C, a sintering system for R&D and small scale production testing with programmable pulse widths for great flexibility in sintering conductive Cu and Ag metallic inks; and the SINTERON 500, a benchtop system for research and development.

Panico said the XENON booth will also feature information on the fast-growing PE Test Center Network, formed last year by XENON to help jump start the PE industry by creating collaboration among materials, ink, and dispensing system companies, universities, and distributors. Members of the Network make their laboratories, equipment and expertise available to process developers and device makers. He said at least 11 members of the PE Test Center Network will have booths at the show.

Demonstrations and information on the PE Test Center Network will be available at XENON Booth AA17 at PE USA, Santa Clara, California.

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