XENON Packages Pulsed UV Energy With a Handheld Wand


Wilmington MA—There are so many benefits to XENON’s RC-250B, the handheld pulsed UV tool that delivers energy to a precise spot or to larger areas up to 1” x 2”.

  • Versatility—the RC-250B is presently hard at work in a wide variety of applications including UV curing, sanitization, food enhancement, photonic sintering, surface treatment and annealing applications. And the unit is available with a range of options to help customized a system.
  • Aim-and-cure precision—position the wand over the target and get a safe, instantaneous cure.
  • Cool operation—the lamp head is built into the wand and radiates energy in intermittent pulses so minimal heat is transferred to substrates and temperature-sensitive parts are protected from damage.
  • Fast action—no warm-up is needed; the RC-250B goes right to work with high peak power for deep penetration and complete cures, then turns off instantly.
  • Familiarity—this is an excellent way to get to know pulsed UV and since the RC-250B is part of an upgradable family, you can add other components onto the original system without increasing the unit’s size.
  • Environmentally friendly—the unit does not create or use volatile organic components (VOCs) or create suspended airborne particulates.
  • Affordability—Contact a XENON sales representative for a quote.

XENON Corporation, the world leader in high energy pulsed light technology, is known for developing and manufacturing innovative products that deliver outstanding performance to the Industrial, Medical and Research sectors with applications including Photonic Sintering, UV Curing, Food Enhancement and Sanitization. XENON’s worldwide operations serve multiple markets which include Printed Electronics, Sanitization, Optical Disc, Semiconductor, Display and Solar.

For 50 years of pulsed light experience and 3000 + systems deployed globally, end-users and OEMs alike depend upon Xenon products for exceptional reliability and performance. Applications assistance by visiting Xenon’s lab in Wilmington, MA or one of its 25 worldwide test sites is welcomed. Please visit our website (www.xenoncorp.com) for additional information.

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