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Xenon Corporation has over 40 years of high intensity pulsed UV lamp design and manufacturing to meet industry, research and educational needs. Our engineers are experts at delivering the optimum light footprint for each application.

Matching optical footprint

Many applications require lamp designs that are matched to the target “footprint”. Traditionally, mercury UV lamps have been limited to short arc or linear lamp designs. There are no such limits on pulsed UV lamps. The ability to shape the lamp to the application, providing better uniformity and enhanced matching of the UV light with the substrate, is a benefit for demanding applications.

Illustrating the flexibility inherent in being able to choose the shape of a lamp,Xenon's unique spiral lamp design is Xenon’s unique spiral lamp* design, specifically developed for Optical Disc manufacturing. The spiral lamp design provides better uniformity and enhanced matching of the UV light across the substrate. Spiral shaped pulsed UV lamps meet the need for fast, low heat adhesive bonding of two polycarbonate discs as well as complete curing of thick top-layer coatings used with new formats such as Blu-ray Disc™.




Selecting a system based on optical footprint
To assist in the selection of a pulsed UV system and lamp, refer to our Footprint of Light guide.

Selecting a lamp based on spectral cut-off
To select a lamp based on spectral cut-off wavelength, refer to Lamp Type guide.

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* Xenon Corporation's spiral lamp design is protected by Patent # US 7,150,806 B2

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Xenon 10" and 12"
U-Shape Lamps handle cure areas of 10" x 3" or 12" x 3"





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