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The issues affecting the foods that people are eating today have grown amazingly complex. And from food enhancement to food safety, pulsed light is revealing benefits that were previously unimagined in the food industry. We are proud that Xenon Corporation is a pioneer in this increasingly critical area. We invite you to explore with us how pulsed light technology could enhance your food production by making it safer (e.g. preventing bacterial growth or protecting against e. coli and salmonella) or by increasing a food’s natural goodness (e.g. boosting the Vitamin D content of the humble mushroom)..




    It’s only as safe as its surface. Germs on the exterior surface of a food product can be introduced into the food itself during packaging or sealing or during opening. Crack an egg, and bits of contaminated shell are forced inside. Open a container of milk or orange juice and contaminants on the lid or edges can taint the liquid as it is poured. And while there are chemicals that can reduce this contamination—peroxides, for example—these toxins aren’t desirable additives to food purity. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is presently taking a considerably stronger position in mandating food safety, both from surface contaminants and from chemically-treated packaging.

At the recent meeting of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), for example, attendees were treated to news of how pulsed UV light can reduce decontamination in shell eggs by reducing the population of surface bacterium on the shells. Moreover, pulsed light can kill microorganisms without causing heat damage.

The ability of pulsed light to kill microorganisms in meats, fruits and vegetables, and its ability to ensure safe bottling and food packaging, shines a brilliant light on the future of the technology

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    When you stop to think about it, it's easy to appreciate the role light plays in food enhancement. Vitamin D-rich milk, for example, derives from the healthiest green grass. Fruits and vegetables need sunshine to thrive. Food researchers have recently discovered that even the humble mushroom—grown in the dark but rich with natural ergosterol—can become a Vitamin D powerhouse when that ergosterol is converted to ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) by a less than 10 second-exposure to pulsed light.

What makes this discovery so significant?

Research has found that pulsed light can enhance a Portobello mushroom enough to provide 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin D.

The process is safe and can be incorporated easily into in-line manufacturing processes.

And new medical research has given us the alarming news that levels of this valuable vitamin have been decreasing in the population. Now three out of four Americans are Vitamin D-deficient. Sunscreen use is partly responsible for this statistic, so how do we stay sun-safe and still build Vitamin D—a powerful promoter of bone health while it also reduces the risks of cancer, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases? Pulsed light enhancement of natural vitamin levels in foods is one important way.

The Dole Company, a leading researcher in the field of food enhancement, has installed Xenon Corporation's pulsed light system into the manufacturing processes in their mushroom plants to enhance the natural Vitamin D properties of their food product. More research is underway at Dole and other major food producers to find new ways to use light for natural food enhancement, and Xenon, with its amazing pulsed light technology, is working with these industries

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