DOLE Vitamin D Dole MushroomsPortobello Mushroom Receives Good HouseKeeping Award
  DOLE® Vitamin D Portobello mushrooms have been chosen by Good Housekeeping magazine as one of the top 10 innovative products of 2009. Thousands of products are reviewed in GHRI's labs each year. Many are problem-solving. Many perform well. And quite a few are innovative. But the winners of GH's First Annual VIP (Very Innovative Products) Awards meet all three criteria. DOLE Vitamin D Portobello is listed as one of the “breakthroughs that truly improve your life in ingenious ways”. The award winning products are in the Good Housekeeping February 2009 issue (p. 117-125). This is the first time a food product has made the Innovative Product awards (and its predecessors) in four years.

Here is the Good Housekeeping magazine article:


"Portobello Mushrooms
Most of us don't get enough vitamin D — aDole Mushrooms flashed with UV light from Xenon lamps. real concern, because low levels are linked to cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. What's more, very few foods provide much of the nutrient. Enter Dole's Portobello mushroom caps and slices: One package contains 800 IUs of D, the daily amount experts suggest. The secret is a simple flash of light during the growth process, which helps the mushrooms synthesize more D, without changing the taste. $3.50 for six ounces, Dole; major supermarkets."

The "secret" flash of light is generated from Xenon Corporation's Pulsed UV Light system.

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